Games and apps localization to Russian

DENA-Media Group has been dealing with video games and apps localization to Russian since 2008.

We take on all aspects of video game and app localization – from video game and app translation, casting, and voice recording to post-production. As a result you will get a product totally adapted to the Russian-language audience.

Better yet, we guarantee the quality, accuracy, and native fluency of every video game and app, with our dedicated project managers, quality and technical processes, and more than 200 Russian native professional voice talents.

Our specialists are native speakers of the Russian language for your localization project. They adapt your project, making it accessible, understandable, and attractive to the user base in Russia.


You’ve probably seen instances where text runs outside of its interface’s boundaries or even overlaps other elements.

And you no doubt realize how annoying it can be when glaring spelling or punctuation errors appear on important application screens! Localization testing fixes these errors and oversights, making users feel like the game was created in their own language, not translated from a foreign one.

 We will perform voiceover work for your applications and games, using the best specialists from the Russia. 

Voiceovers by Russian Voice Talents are performed only in Russia.

Choose a Native Russian Voice Talent for Your Project.

Computer game localization

  • creation of localized logo,
  • text translation into Russian,
  • professional actors casting for game localization,
  • dubbing or voiceover for videos or characters,
  • text information localization.

In addition to localization we also provide:

  • background music and soundtrack creation,
  • sound design for games.