Adaptation of a video to Russian English to Russian voice translator

Adaptation of a video to Russian or how to promote your product or brand to the Russian language market. Instructions for use.

Russian voice translation

Every foreign producer has a video presentation of its product or company. When entering the Russian market, it is very important to correctly adapt the product taking into account the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the country.

Despite the fact that the ruble exchange rate has fairly decreased in Russia, it plays into the hands of foreign producers whishing to promote their brands to the Russian market.

It is very advantageous now to order adaptation of a video, adaptation of a training film and localization of all tools required to promote the product/brand to the Russian-speaking market.

Because payments are in dollars or euros, the price for a voiceover for a video under this economic situation in Russia starts from $100. A year earlier the price for a voiceover by a Russian narrator for a video started from $300.

Adaptation of a video: What is it?

1) Translation of the text into Russian

2) Dubbing/voiceover by leading Russian actors in the Russian language

3) Translation and superimposition of titles, captions and credits

4) Localization of graphic images

5) Editing to the set timing

6) Conversion into the required format

localization_on_russianAfter all of the above-mentioned works are done, the adapted video/film gives the impression of not just a video/film with a different voiceover but created especially for Russian viewers in the Russian language.

Localization of a video to Russian made by professionals will protect you from potential technical and communication risks when bringing your product/brand to the Russian language market.

Sometimes an English to Russian voice translator is sufficient for people’s needs. But in some cases you need something more than even, for example, a good English to Russian voice translation. We offer English to Russian translation, voice recording and something more.

Bring your brand to Russian market properly! Big profits to you!