Video Localization into Russian

Getting your product or brand out to a foreign market requires high quality localization taking into account the national standards of a target language. We will translate your text properly and provide a voiceover for your project done by native speakers of Russian.

Ordering a localization work from professionals will protect you from potential technical and communication risks when bringing your product to the Russian language market.

Bring your brand to Russian market properly!

Voiceovers by Russian Voice Talents are performed only in Russia.

Choose a Native Russian Voice Talent for Your Project.


IFAW – Keep wild Animals wild (original version)


IFAW – Keep wild Animals wild (localized version)

Video localization services into Russian include:

  • Translation of the text into Russian
  • Dubbing or voiceover by leading Russian actors in the Russian language
  • Translation and superimposition of titles, captions and credits
  • Localization of graphic images
  • Editing to the set timing
  • Conversion into the required format


Moustache Smash (original version)


Moustache Smash (localized version)

Video presentation localization

Some things are difficult to translate. English-Russian translation can be difficult too. This is especially true when it is non-native speakers who have to translate to Russian.

Sometimes an English to Russian voice translator is sufficient for your needs. At times a Russian voice to text translation is all you need. But in some cases you need something more than, for example, even a good English to Russian voice translation.