Russian Dubbing Studio in Moscow

Film translations of the DENA-Media Group are totally accurate in the communication of meaning, literate in rules of the Russian language and expressive in terms of speech characteristics of each character. The translations conform to the style and genre of each movie, series or program.

Why DENA-Media Group:

Competent, accurate translation

The specificity of film translation for dubbing is as follows: the length of the Russian phrase corresponds to the length of the phrase in original language literally in syllables. We have developed a staff of translators from European and Asian languages into Russian.

“Platinum Fund” of professional Moscow Actors

Voice base of the best and most popular Moscow actors!
Correspondence of voices of dubbing actors to screen actors.
Each has dubbed into Russian more than a hundred foreign blockbusters.

Careful Dubbing Director’s work

Careful Dubbing Director’s work on the selection of the appropriate voices for each assignment.
Emphases in a Russian actor’s speech correspond to the original phrase.

Project Manager is always available for questions and clarifications

We guarantee that your assignment will be performed to a high standard and within specified time frame.

Quality Control Department

The recorded material goes to the Quality Control Department where experienced specialists check the quality of the recording, literacy of the Russian text, synchrony of the translation and many other parameters.

Sound recording using the highly professional equipment

Sound engineers with many years of experience, who have completed many famous projects.

On request we will send samples of our translation and dubbing works into Russian.


Dubbing Studio in Moscow

The company has been successfully dubbing Chinese films into Russian since 2014.

We have developed a staff of translators from Chinese to Russian.

Our Sinologist who perfectly knows the Chinese culture will check translations from Chinese to Russian and edit the text to the highest standard.

Chinese is a very difficult language but we like challenges.

We are proud of our strong team of translators from Chinese and lip syncers!
Russian TV channels commend our dubbing studio for translating and dubbing Chinese films into Russian.

On request we will send samples of our translation and dubbing works from Chinese into Russian.