TV Commercials Adaptation into Russian

Localization and adaptation of TV Commercials and Promotional Videos into Russian.

The DENA-Media Group Company is Russia’s leader in the adaptation of TV Commercials to Russian language. If you’re looking for a male or female voice in Russian, you’ve come to the right place. It is no exaggeration to call our company the voice of Russian dubbing.

Major Russian companies trust us to localize commercials.

For more than seven years TV Commercials adapted into Russian by professionals of our company have been airing on the central Russian channels.

Bring your brand to Russian market properly!

Voiceovers by Russian Voice Talents are performed only in Russia.

Choose a Native Russian Voice Talent for Your Project.


Moustache Smash (original version)


Moustache Smash (localized version)

TV Commercials adaptation includes the following:

  • Translation into Russian
  • Poetical translation of a commercial
  • Creation of original music accompaniment
  • TV Commercials Voice-Overs (Voice-Overs for Commercials performed by best Russian Dubbing Actors)
  • Vocal performance of a commercial
  • Video editing of a Commercial (e.g., a 30-second Commercial is edited into a 15-second one)
  • Localization of 2D and 3D graphics elements of any complexity
  • Creation of subtitles and infographics
  • Competent replacement of a packshot
  • Conversion into the necessary format according to the technical requirements by the channel

Our many years of experience in this area have allowed us to polish our professionalism.

For a complete list of TV Commercials localized by us using the best voices in Russian, go to our Youtube channel.

Here are some foreign brands we have successfully collaborated with and for which we have localized materials for Russia during the past several years:

Winx, Playmobil, Silverlit, Turtles, NUK, Chicco, etc.

We guarantee that your assignment will be performed to a high standard and within specified time frame.

English to Russian voice translation can suffice sometimes. And sometimes it can’t. We don’t just provide English to Russian voice translation; we provide English to Russian localization.